Century 9.5kg twin tub semi-automatic washing machine

Century 9.5kg twin tub semi-automatic washing machine



The Century CW8522-C twin tub semi-automatic washing machine comes with a spin dryer. Featuring a wash capacity of 9.5kg and spin capacity of 6kg, a water-proof & rust-proof full plastic body. It also comes with a new box mechanism lint filter, overload protection, a buzzer, and timer. It has a glass lid and is easy to operate.

  • Twin Tub Washing Machine
  • Semi Automatic Operation
  • Spin Dryer
  • Washing Capacity:9.5kg
  • Spinning Capacity: 5kg
  • Water Proof & Rust Proof
  • Full Plastic Body
  • New Box Mechanism Lint Filter
  • Over-Load Protection
  • Buzzer & Timer
  • Colored Lid
  • Easy to Operate


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