Royal tv 49dn5

Royal tv 49dn5

125,000.00 121,250.00

4K Super UHD Full HD High brightness / high contrast 3 HDMI & 2 USB Movie
PC resolution support Energy saving Black and Iron Grey Color

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Full HD High Brightness

Royal TV RTV55EK5000 Series High Brightness Displays provide easily readable text and bright graphics in high ambient light environments and outdoor applications.

Energy Saving

The Energy Saving feature in Royal TV adjusts the brightness of your TV to reduce Power Consumption. It can also help to reduce eye fatigue, especially in a dimly lit room.

3 HDMI 2 USB ports

You can access movie, music, and photo files directly from a memory unit through the USB connection. This model features 3 HDMI inputs for connecting high definition devices and 2 USB inputs for external storage accessories such as USB flash drives and HDDs.


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